Brass Wick Trimmer and Candle Snuffer Set

Wick Trimmer + Candle Snuffer Set, both in an antique brass finish.

Wick trimmers are such a great utilitarian candle accessory. Keeping candle wicks trimmed of excess buildup results in a cleaner, longer and safer candle burn. Traditional bell snuffers were invented 100's of years ago to prevent blowing wax off the tip of tapered candles onto church alters, tables and household items. These dangling bell candle snuffers will dangle in any direction making it easy to reach any wick. Beeswax is known for burning drip-less but if you're blowing the wax off the tip of your candle it can't help but drip. These snuffers are the perfect addition for keeping drips to a minimum.

These items are sold in a set and packaged in a muslin drawstring bag. The antique brass finish is classic and goes well with other brass accessories especially vintage brass candle holders.


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