Tall Beeswax Birthday Candles

12 pack of 8" tall Beeswax Birthday Candles

Our pure beeswax hand dipped birthday candles are perfect for adorning your cake, cupcake, pie or tart! These are stately and dramatic, measuring approximately 8" tall. Beeswax candles are very long burning, so use these again and again! They are completely all natural and made of 100% pure Washington Beeswax and 100% cotton wicking.

Beeswax burns longer, cleaner and of coarse brighter than any other wax. These Beeswax candles have a wonderful honey smell, that naturally comes from the honey the wax contains. Beeswax is NON TOXIC, so no need to worry about toxic wax drippings on your cake. 100% Beeswax is all natural and non toxic.

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