Meet the Makers

We're Erinn and Johnny Boitano, the husband and wife team behind Farmer's Daughter, Beehive Mercantile. We're an artisan beeswax candle studio located in Thorp, Washington.  All of our products are made by hand in small batches using pure and natural products. We were founded in 2012 with the intention to create useful, beautiful and naturally beneficial products.


Erinn's family had a small farm when she was young. She is the daughter and grand-daughter of many things. Her grandparents were Farmer's, Logger's and above all things Pioneer's. The spirit of the American Pioneer is strong in her soul and her heart was ingrained at an early age with the desire to be a part of a process, the whole process start to finish. Making products in the apothecary tradition by hand, and with intention and care like those who came before us, seems only natural. We like to think that we are a part of restoring the traditions of how things used to be.


We started Farmer's Daughter nearly 10 years ago. What was humbly begun in our kitchen has now grown into a viable business for us. We've continued our journey and bought a farm in Thorp, WA where Farmer's Daughter was given room to grow. Oddly enough Farmer's Daughter runs out of what was once a honey company warehouse. like many businesses ours has changed as have. We've added an OLD FASHIONED LIVING blog to share our journey and love for all things old fashioned (which is really how this whole candle thing started;) We've also added the Vintage Shop to our offerings. Erinn has a great love for old things and their stories. We thought it fitting to share some of these long loved items with you in hopes that they'll add the touch of a collected home to your space.


Thank you for your support and God Bless!