-WHERE DO YOU SHIP? Anywhere, however if you live outside of the US, Canada, UK or Australia you will need to contact us to set up your order.

-HOW DO I GET FREE SHIPPING? We provide FREE shipping for all orders over $50 to the US.

-Free Local Pickup can be scheduled. To waive shipping charges please use coupon code: LOCALPICKUP

-WHAT ARE THE ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIMES? All orders will process within 3-7 business days, although we try to process with quicker times if able. Once shipped your order is typically received in 2-7 business days for US orders and 10-14 business days for International orders.

-WHAT PAYMENT METHODS DO YOU ACCEPT? We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

-ARE YOUR CANDLES PURE BEESWAX OR ARE THEY CUT WITH SOY OR PARAFFIN? They are 100% Pure unadulterated Beeswax, nothing but pure goodness!

-DO YOU USE ZINC CORED WICKS? Nope, only Cotton wicking is used for all of our candles.