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Easy Homemade Spruce Tip Recipes

May 20, 2020

Spruce & Fir tips are rich in Vitamin C. A tea made with the tips is said to soothe coughs and sore throats as well as help with lung congestion. They can be used as a food source or medicinally in many recipes. This time of year our bodies tend to be low in many vitamins  as we're coming out of winter, so fresh spring greens and things like Spruce or Fir tips are an excellent way to get much needed vitamins into the body. Enjoy 3 easy recipes using these fresh Spring Spruce Tips.

Barn Finds- Repurposing an Antique Ladder

April 29, 2020

Welcome to our Barn Finds Series! Learn how to re purpose a vintage ladder into a beautiful blanket ladder without adding clutter or chaos. Follow along for our 3 easy steps to help you style your blanket ladder just right and add that perfect touch of vintage farmhouse decor to your home.