Raw Washington Honey

***ON SALE- Still lovely but starting to granulate. Can easily be un-granulated by warming slowly under warm water. Or enjoy granulated, our favorite is granulated honey on toast! P.S. Erinn's secret weapon facial treatment is granulated honey used as a facial scrub (It's really quite amazing!!!)

This is a Varietal Yakima Valley Honey, straight from Cowiche, WA. Our honey is bottled in a 12 ounce glass jar and packaged in a muslin drawstring bag. It has a delicate, warm flavor that has a light floral aroma. The mild sweet finish is easy to use in just about everything you can imagine from marinades to salad dressings and sweeteners for tea and baking. Farmer's Daughter Honey is raw, meaning that it is not heat treated. Keeping honey in its raw state preserves all the natural vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and other nutritional elements.

Raw honey is best left at room temperature, do not refrigerate. Raw honey should not be consumed by infants under 1 year. Our honey is proudly produced and bottled by Imbrock's Swit Moa Honey.

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