Simple & Cozy Fall Decor For Your Natural Home

I love Fall and while I'm clinging on to Summer and not quite ready to put on my cozy sweater and call it an end to garden season, I have begun adding simple Autumn decor to my home. When it comes to seasonal decorations I keep it very simple and I find that adding natural elements to your home adds that perfect Fall touch without being too much, because let's be real you can easily get carried away with Fall Decor. Simple and natural is best!

Cozy is my top priority in Fall decorating. In fact I strive for always having a cozy well lived in home all seasons but Fall and Winter call for it the most. Below are my top things for making that happen without spending very much money or having many items to store away that you use only seasonally.

6 Easy Things You Can Do To Add Instant Fall Coziness To Your Home

Fall Foliage

I try to keep to Fall colors but get outside and do a little foraging. Even leaves that haven't turned color yet can be lovely. I personally like to collect: Oak or Maple Leaves/Branches, Tansy, Goldenrod, Cat Tails, Corn Stalks, Wheat, Grasses, anything with lovely seed heads and even spent flowers like Yarrow. Many a spent flower and roadside weed will look fabulous in arrangements. I bring out my willow or grapevine wreath bases (which you can easily make yourself) and I add all sorts of fall clippings to them. I like natural bases like this because you can use them year round by just swapping out foliage for the seasons, before I know it I'll be swapping out leaves for pine + cedar. Add a few branches to a crock or vase. I find that bringing a bit of nature inside instantly transforms a space.

Wool Blankets

Especially in plaids. I don't go overboard on this but I usually put a few wool throws and layer them with other throws in the house. Blankets add that instant cozy look that I'm after and tartan & plaids are perfect for Fall.

Vintage Books In Autumn Colors

I love vintage books and they add such a coziness to any space. I generally always have books out to layer in my vignettes but I generally try to layer in earth tone covers for my Fall displays.

Vintage Fall Prints

Swap out a bit of your artwork with these, I don't go overboard but I might  swap out prints in frames that are already hung with vintage prints. I also like to bring out a few family photos. I love old black and white photos and I have a few old family ones that are perfect this time of year.


The biggest and most important thing you can do to add those cozy vibes is definitely candles, nothing says cozy quite like them. I tend to use pillars and tapers the most. Pillars because they have such a long burn time which I find useful since I'm inside more and like having candles lit all day. Tapers because I love bringing out my vintage candlestick holders especially wood, brass or copper holders which look fabulous for Fall.

Here are links to some of my Fall Bestsellers: Beeswax Pillars, Beeswax Pine cone Pillar, Beeswax Tapers and Beeswax Owl Votive.


Pumpkins and other Winter Squashes

I grow a fair amount of them but I do usually end up buying some. Tiny White pumpkins are always on the list, they go with any vignette or tablescape and are very simple and inexpensive. When I do  buy pumpkins  and squashes I generally make sure they are varieties that are good for baking with, that way it's not just a decoration but also a pantry item. Pumpkins and squashes if cured and stored properly can last a very long time, so don't send them to the compost after Thanksgiving, send them to the pantry. In fact, I've had butternut and blue hubbard squashes harvested in late September that I've cooked up in March. If you keep them on your porch just pull them in before you start to get hard freezes, at least if you plan on cooking them later.

I hope these tips help you add a few instant Fall elements easily. I keep decorating easy but I do love seasonal decorating. I think bringing nature in just feels so homey! If you liked this post make sure to check out my post from a few years back on how to make your own Beeswax Dipped Leaf Garland, it's a favorite this time of year!

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Erinn Boitano
Erinn Boitano


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