November 26, 2021



Good NEWS!!! We have made an addition to our website offerings. We will have a collection of vintage items available, ranging from vintage dishware, copper and other unique antique and vintage finds. Here at Farmer's Daughter we love the look of a collected home and Erinn is an avid antique collector. So, it seems only fitting that we would carry one of a kind items to help you give your home that one of a kind collected look. SHOP OUR VINTAGE SHOP HERE

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November 25, 2021


Old Fashioned Gift Wrap Ideas

Old Fashioned Gift Wrap Ideas

Learn to wrap like a pro the Old Fashioned Way, using things you have around the house or from nature. Lots of beautiful and old fashioned gift wrap ideas to add that nostalgic touch to your Holidays!

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February 04, 2021


Free Vintage BEE MINE Valentine Printables

Add a touch of vintage whimsy with these nostalgic bee themed valentines. 


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October 30, 2020



Add a touch of Fall to your home with this easy craft. In a few easy steps make a dipped leaf garland that can be used year after year. This is a great DIY for all ages!

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October 07, 2020

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Homemade Flavored Salts- How to Preserve Fresh Herbs in Salt

Homemade Herbal Flavored Salts is one of the easiest ways to preserve herbs. This two ingredient recipe can come together very quickly and is my favorite way to preserve herbs. In this recipe we are making Sage Flavored Salt that will be the perfect addition to flavor your winter meals with fragrant sage.

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October 04, 2020


How To Make Brandied Plums- An Old Fashioned Favorite

Do you want to preserve food but don't know where to start? BRANDIED PLUMS is a great place to start. Preserving fruit in alcohol like Brandy is an old fashioned, safe and simple way to enjoy summer in the dead of Winter. This is a quick recipe that can be used baked in cakes, as a dessert topping and even on top of ricotta cheese as a quick appetizer. Follow my easy steps and whip out a jar that will last for months in under 3 minutes.

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September 09, 2020


Simple & Cozy Fall Decor For Your Natural Home

6 easy and inexpensive  tips to add Simple & Natural Fall Decor to your home and give it instant Autumn time coziness!

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July 29, 2020


How To Make Lavender Honey + a Simple Lavender Lemonade Recipe

A sweet summer favorite at our house is Lavender Infused Honey! Delicious raw honey, infused with fragrant Lavender is a sweet treat that can accompany many summer dishes. Learn how to make this simple two ingredient recipe as well as my favorite Lavender Honey Lemonade.

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July 14, 2020


Make a DIY LAVENDER WREATH the easy way!

Make this simple and long lasting Lavender wreath that comes together in about 20 minutes. Its unique shape makes for an interesting piece that can be tucked into just about any corner to add that special touch of Summer!

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May 20, 2020


Easy Homemade Spruce Tip Recipes

Spruce & Fir tips are rich in Vitamin C. A tea made with the tips is said to soothe coughs and sore throats as well as help with lung congestion. They can be used as a food source or medicinally in many recipes. This time of year our bodies tend to be low in many vitamins  as we're coming out of winter, so fresh spring greens and things like Spruce or Fir tips are an excellent way to get much needed vitamins into the body. Enjoy 3 easy recipes using these fresh Spring Spruce Tips.

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