Something as simple as using a TONER was a game changer for my skin. I had never really used one until about 8 years ago. I sort of just thought they were only necessary for super oily skin, but oh was I wrong.

Facial toners remove excess dirt & makeup, correct and balance the PH of your skin and most importantly cleanse and close your pores.

I've been making my own natural skincare and wearing natural makeup for years which I thought was enough. But basically by not using a toner I was leaving my pores open and allowing impurities to clog them up.

Now you know why you should use toner, but when and how to use it? I like to use it directly after cleansing my face prior to moisturizing it. I usually apply it with a clean reusable facial round but cotton balls work well too. It can also be added to a small spray bottle to mist your face during the day. You can also just use cold water to close the pores up, but who likes splashing cold water on their face, not me! Also, you would not be getting the cleansing affects of the toner.

There are a lot of great toners available on the market. I use them occasionally but have found that I already have the ingredients at home so why not try to save a few pennies here and there. Below is my super simple recipe. You can change it to fit your needs. Figure out what herbs will benefit your skin type and use those. If you don't have every herb on the list no worries. I've personally even made it without herbs or witch hazel before. Just use what you have.

Ingredients & Supplies

-Jar for Herbal Infusion
-Bottles for finished Toner (this recipe makes approximately 12 ounces)
-Herbs of Choice (mine are listed below)
-Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
-Witch Hazel
-Water or a Rose Hydrosol
-Essential Oils are optional

Step 1) Start with your Herbal Infusion

Grab a pint sized jar and fill with a combination of skin friendly herbs. For mine I use:

Rose Petals
Lemon Balm

You're going to add these to your jar. 1/8 of a cup of each is great for a pint sized jar, 1/4 for a quart. I sometimes make a quart sized jar that way I have an infusion ready to go when I run out. You want your jar to be about half full of herbs and then fill to top with vinegar. As you can see in the pint sized jar below I got a little carried away and made a double batch (I ended up moving to a quart sized jar.) Once your jar has set for a few minutes go ahead and top off with more vinegar so herbs are fully covered. You can use a plastic lid or if using a metal lid and ring go ahead and use a bit of wax paper to put down first, this helps the vinegar not rust the metal ring. This mixture should sit about a month. You can put it in the window seal for a sun infusion but I like cold infusions and so mine just sits in the cupboard for 4-6 weeks and if you forget about it and it sits longer that's fine too, perhaps even better.

Infusions are designed to pull all the medicinal properties from the herbs into your liquid.

*This is optional, if you just want to make a quick batch and not wait for the 4+ week infusion to sit, than just use Apple Cider Vinegar without the Herbs. You can add Essential Oils to the mix instead (I like 3 drops Geranium & 10 drops Lavender added) Just make sure you use essential oils that are good in facial skincare, avoiding ones that cause photo-toxicity.

Step 2) Once you have your infusion complete go ahead and through cheesecloth (or something similar) strain herbs out of vinegar, making sure to wring out every last perfect drop.

Step 3) Mix 1/4 cup vinegar infusion, 1/4 cup water or Rose Hydrosol, 1/2 cup witch hazel. Add essential oils to mix if using. I personally find it unnecessary to use essential oils since I have a wonderful herbal infusion made with the vinegar but that's up to you.

Step 3) Before bottling go ahead and test on you face in a small area. If you find this recipe too strong, go ahead and add more water (start with 1/8 cup at a time.) Everyone's skin is so different, I have sensitive skin but prefer a stronger toner.

Step 4) Once you have your desired potency go ahead and bottle up.

This works great as a facial toner but I also use it as a wound cleaner in place of alcohol or peroxide. When using on face make sure to be careful around eye area, you want to avoid getting this in your eyes.

I hope you like this recipe and please comment below with any questions.

This is perfect to use after our DIY CLAY FACIAL POLISH RECIPE.

We also have a line of beeswax based apothecary products you can check out HERE.

Important: I am not a doctor or medical professional and the advice in this post is for informational purposes only. If you are pregnant or have a health condition, consult a doctor before adding anything to your health routine.

Happy DIYing!!!


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Erinn Boitano
Erinn Boitano


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January 05, 2021

YES!!! I like to use a raw cider vinegar (with the mother) There’s a lot of good brands out there but I have used Azure Standards and Braggs with good results.

Jennifer Kathleen Moultine
Jennifer Kathleen Moultine

January 05, 2021

So excited to try this. Do you recommend a certain kind of vinegar for the infusion?

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